In light of the recent national and global events regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have implemented the following steps to ensure the least possible disruption to our group of businesses.

The aim of our senior management team is to implement strategies to allow us to continue operating the businesses with the minimum of disruption and to react appropriately to updated information as its released.

In considering a variety of appropriate responses to likely scenarios, we are committed to following official guidance issued by the UK government.  In doing so, all plans are subject to change, in line with updates to the official guidance.


All members of staff have been issued details of the expected symptoms of the COVID-19 virus (commonly known as the Coronavirus), according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England (PHE) official websites and asked to be vigilant.

Any staff member experiencing symptoms are asked to call NHS 111 and to follow their recommended actions, including self-isolation if deemed necessary.

All staff have also been issued official guidance relating to preventative measures that should be taken.  This includes notices specifically relating to COVID-19 and preventative measures, such as general hygiene and hand washing, being positioned around our office and around each operational site.

Where possible and appropriate, management staff are encouraged to organise teleconferences in lieu of face to face meetings, using Skype, Facetime etc.

Our business operations are located in two distinct environments – our Leigh Head Office and our sites.


In the event of an office-based staff member contracting the COVID-19 virus, or if official advice is given by the UK government to generally self-isolate, the Leigh office may be forced to be temporarily become socially isolated.

In this instance, office-based staff members will be asked to continue working from home (assuming they are well enough or able to do so).  All management staff have access to our Management Systems remotely.


In the event of a site-based staff member contracting the COVID-19 virus, or if official advice is given by the UK government to generally self-isolate, the affected site/sites may be forced to become socially isolated in line with government guidelines.

Naturally, in these instances, the work that our site staff will be able to undertake may be limited so we will be keeping the client fully appraised, in preparation for the re-commencement of activities.

Supply chain members currently working on site may also not be able to access our site/s during isolation periods.

In the instances outlined above, there may clearly be a degree of disruption and delay to any particular site, where self-isolation protocols are required.  However, by communication with staff members, we hope to minimise the effect as far as possible.


We will continue to liaise with our supply chain to safeguard and manage any potential issues relating to the supply of labour and materials.  Any issues will need to be addressed on a case by case or site-specific basis and mitigated as far as possible.  In light of UK government advice, we appreciate some supply chain issues may be unforeseen and unavoidable


In the current climate, updated advice is being provided on a daily or even hourly basis and speculation is rife throughout the media.  Please be assured that the Senior Management Team are committed to following the official UK government advice and will issue updates to all staff and clients in a prompt manner.

Where any disruption to on-going projects is expected, we will promptly advise our clients and keep them fully appraised of individual action and contingency plans, once the parameters have been considered.

For and on behalf of

S R Waite Group

Andrew Paul Mazey

Group Managing Director