Here at the SRW Group, we know that it’s vital for you to see for yourself what we can do before you commit your project to us. We’ve worked with a wide selection of clients, some of which are global brands, from a range of industries, including retail, education and leisure.

Chisholm Hunter

To provide planned and reactive maintenance services to an award winning Diamond Merchants who not only take pride in what they do as specialists in diamond jewellery but also take great pride in an unwavering focus on customer service. Each
of their luxury stores embodies an atmosphere of excitement and fascination, with a scattering of one-off pieces, exclusive hand selected diamonds as well as Swiss and global fashion brand timepieces plus premium jewellery collections.

“Working in such a high end retail environment it is important that our services are delivered efficiently, discretely and with the minimum of disruption.” – Iain Hughes

Our proactive management of services through our 24 hour helpdesk ensured that the stores receive a swift, silent and reliable maintenance service which ensures that we support the companies’ vision of an atmosphere of excitement and fascination
and helps to support their focus on customer service.

Hawkshead & Craghoppers

To provide retail refurbishment to a national outdoor clothing retailer whose heritage is firmly rooted in the Lakeland landscape, with high-street stores the length and breadth of Great Britain from Pitlochry to Falmouth this retailer does not let the grass grow. Our challenge is to provide a flexible, efficient and cost effective national internal and external store refurbishment service.

“The community roots of Hawkshead mirror exactly the community focus and roots of SRW Group, making it a really workable partnership”

Hawkshead and Craghoppers are quick moving retailers and SRW Group retail refurbishment services provides them with a vehicle to make decisions and implement store refurbishment with the confidence that their vision and values will be delivered effectively within required timescales.

Skretting UK

To provide planned and reactive maintenance services to the UK and Irelands largest aquaculture feeds producer who leads the market with innovative feeds and feeding expertise. The company supplies mainly salmon and trout diets but also feeds for coarse fish, tilapia, ornamental fish and marine fish such as seabass to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

“The partnership whilst working with skretting delivered valuable lessons in food hygeine consideration when planning works and also demonstrated the adaptability and focus of our workforce.” – Allan Mazey

Our management and planning combined with our ability to work flexibly and safely within a busy production timetable enables important emergency and reactive refurbishment works to be carried out with minimal disruption to produce output.

Cutomer Comments

“The lads have done a great job. Thanks for juggling things around and fitting us in” – Andrew Parkinson

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Hilltop Products

Faced with a production and dispatch area with a poor lighting and rapidly diminishing lighting output Hilltop Products turned a routine maintenance job into a carbon and cost reduction exercise. Needing to replace the inefficient lighting, the company decided to turn a pressing but routine maintenance task into an opportunity. The challenge faced was working out which type of new lighting units would satisfy the demands of the production and dispatch areas. This challenge fell to SRW Group lighting engineers led by Group MD Andy Mazey.

Andy and his team surveyed the premises and produced a new lighting scheme which would resolve lighting issues and produce substantial carbon savings as against the old installation. To give comfort that the new lighting installation would satisfy Hilltop requirements, thermal lighting models of the areas to be improved were developed for both existing and proposed lighting installation The models demonstrated the light outputs both pre works and after the new lighting installation.

“In any new lighting installation it is important that the site is accurately surveyed and that the new installation is completely matched to the requirements of the client” – Andy Mazey

Upgrading the lighting installation to the production and dispatch areas delivered the prime Hilltop objectives of an improved working environment with a light installation that was matched to user requirements and which also delivered 46% energy savings meaning that the payback energy savings generated by the new installation will pay for the new installation in 27 months. Environmentally the new installation generate over 47800.00 C02 kg savings per annum over the old installation.


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