S R Waite Group are proud to have added to our portfolio of charities which we support.

Our support of local community foundations and sporting clubs is well known, and we are proud to have solid links and partnerships with many local, regional and national charities. This latest charitable organisation however caught our attention outside of normal working hours.

Andy Mazey, head of the Group, explains: “every year my partner Charlotte and I attend a summer fund raising garden party and dog show, organised by Charlotte’s family, and hosted at their farm and family home. This has been an annual event for as many years as I can remember and something which Jenny,  Charlotte’s mother is very passionate about. Rather embarrassingly on my behalf I must admit, it is only this year that I have actually taken time to research the charity (COFEPOW) properly and now completely understand Jenny’s passion and the importance of the cause.

Having consulted our board we all agreed that a contribution to such a worthwhile cause would fit in with our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) and hopefully assist Jenny and the ongoing efforts of those dedicated to the lasting memory of the Far East Prisoners of War and advancing knowledge of the suffering endured and sacrifices made by them during their years of captivity in World War II”.

If you would like to find out more about the charity and help remember those who were prisoners of war in the Far East, please visit

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