Wednesday 02/12/15

On behalf of the board Group Managing Director Andrew Mazey has confirmed the takeover and acquisition of a successful Manchester based installation and maintainance company.

Speaking today Andrew said:

“Following six months of negotiations with a valuation and deal being finalised, I’m delighted that the acquisition is now in its final stages. Having worked overtime on this deal personally with the vision of adding a third profitable and sucessful business to our group I’m absolutely delighted we are now in the closing stages of this process.

For the last six weeks we’ve had one of our team working closely on a daily basis with the outgoing Managing Director and we officially take control of the business which has traded sucessfully since 1998 on December 12th.

This takeover and significant cash investment we have made to facilitate the acquisition should further demonstrate that we remain focussed and committed to developing and growing the three individual companies within the group and ofcourse the group as a whole. I’m delighted to be bringing further employment and opportunities to the community where i live and which we operate”

A full announcement and local and trade press releases will be made in the coming fortnight.