ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) : A marathon not a sprint.

An ESOS audit provides a valuable dossier with which companies can weed out inefficiencies and reap all kinds of benefits.

Companies must think of these findings as a valuable dossier that will help them achieve market competitiveness, business longevity and, of course, those all-important bottom line savings.

The Carbon Trust reports that large businesses have the ability to save 15% on energy bills through increased efficiency and it is ‘not uncommon’ to see this figure rise by up to 25%.

Taking no action after an audit seems like a wasted opportunity.

The SRW Group’s growth has been achieved by consistently developing, efficient, sustainable lighting and electrical installations solutions that are specifically designed by our in house engineers to produce an outcome for clients and which are not driven by manufacturers, suppliers or ‘’ the latest trends’’.

The recent successful investment and expansion of the SRW Group has allowed us to further invest in providing the resource to offer impartial advice and guidance for companies executing an ESOS action plan.

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