Tecmark partnership pledge

To celebrate the launch of Leigh East’s new website, our digital partners Tecmark made a special pledge to Leigh East and their supporters.

The Manchester-based digital marketing agency will donate £250 to the club for every new website order the club – and its supporters – refer in.

S.R. Waite Group have already ordered and the club will now benefit from the £250 cash back.

Andrew Mazey, director of S.R. Waite Group, said: “I wanted to guarantee value for money with our new website, so we carried out a tender process involving five different companies.

“Tecmark managed to tick all the boxes while remaining competitive and this, coupled with the partnership and relationship with Leigh East, made it an easy decision to make.”

There are no limits to the number of orders on which Tecmark will make the £250 donation.

Here’s what £250 could buy:

• 36 mesh reversible training bibs…
• … or 24 rugby league match balls…
• … or six fully-loaded first aid kits…
• … or a significant contribution towards a defibrillator.

So if you’re looking for a mobile-friendly website for your business, but you’re tired of paying over the odds for a few simple pages, then Tecmark’s WebPro product could be for you.

Contact Mike Wainwright on 07917 002 255 or [email protected] for an initial chat.

Australian Rugby Duo join the S R Waite Group

Having arrived in the UK Leigh East’s overseas signings Alan Lantry and Kori Barber were welcomed at our Leigh office.

Alan is from an industrial electrical engineering background in Australia and Kori will be working as an electricians mate during their time at Leigh East and are pictured with SRW Group Managing Director Andy Mazey.

Managing Director Andy Mazey commented:

“It was great to finally meet up with the lads last night along with Leigh East Chairman David Coyle and Head coach Paul Wingfield prior to the lads first training session. They are both keen to get stuck in on the field and on site also.

As well as being talented rugby players they are really nice lads and it was a pleasure to also meet Kori’s partner. The Leigh East club is on the up and these boys only add quality to what is already looking like a very capable squad and hopefully they will add value to our site operations”

Lantry and Barber will be commencing employment and will be working on a major Manchester City Centre refurbishment project.

BSFM Ltd Awarded New Safety Accreditation

Where respiratory protective equipment (RPE). is used as a control measure under Health and Safety Legislation it is vital that the selected RPE is adequate and suitable.

To ensure that the selected RPE has the potential to provide adequate protection for individual wearers, the ACoPs supporting COSHH, stipulate that tight-fitting RPE must be fit tested.

Note: A tight-fitting facepiece is a full face mask, a half mask, or a filtering facepiece (commonly referred to as a disposable mask).

For RPE to be suitable it must be matched to the job, the environment, the anticipated airborne contaminant exposure level, and the wearer. As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it is unlikely that one particular type, or size of RPE facepiece, will fit everyone.

Fit testing will help ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the wearer.

Fit testing should be conducted by a competent person.

Competence can be demonstrated through achieving accreditation under the ‘Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme’. This Scheme has been developed by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) together with industry stakeholders and is supported by HSE.

Note: A tight-fitting facepiece is a full face mask, a half mask, or a filtering facepiece (commonly referred to as a disposable mask).

We are delighted to announce that S R Waite Group company BSFM Ltd are now accredited trainers to the industry and have dedicated trainers available to help companies work safely on site.