Save Energy. Save Time. Save Money.

Save Energy. Save Time. Save Money.

With the rising costs of energy soaring for business owners, there’s never been a more important time to be energy efficient. Making your business energy efficient remains one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your business. The most energy-efficient buildings in England use 35% less energy than typical buildings, all without trade-offs in performance or comfort.

Research also shows that more efficient buildings have higher occupancy rates and increased asset value compared to typical buildings, increasingly, businesses and employees report a desire to affiliate with organisations they perceive to be environmentally responsible.

BSFM are Experts on Energy & Sustainability Management

Based out of Leigh, BSFM can help your business manage your energy better and help you to become more sustainable. Our energy management and lighting refurbishment service allows the businesses we work with to invest in the latest lighting technology.

BSFM consistently deliver a 45% energy cost reduction for businesses, as well as the equivalent percentage reduction in the site carbon footprint. You will recoup the cost of our lighting installations within two years – that’s how much we’ll be improving your business’s energy consumption.

BSFM consistently deliver a 45% energy cost reduction for businesses.

Working with trusted partners allows us flexibility

The partners that we work alongside afford us flexibility when delivering our services to you. Everything we deliver is bespoke to our individual clients and we ensure that your needs are fully assessed by one of our experts. The numbers speak for themselves, Our services consistently produce and equivalent carbon savings.

Free of Charge Surveys

We can also provide a free of charge survey carried out by one of our engineers. Our surveys give a full overview of the energy you are consuming as a business and how improvements can be made. The details of the surveys are below. What your survey includes:

  • Specification of installation
  • Cost to carry out works
  • Financial savings generated by reduced energy consumption
  • Resume of co2 savings generated by the new installation

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