Solar power is now officially the world’s cheapest energy source, and more and more homes and businesses are switching on to the huge potential of solar panels.

The seemingly unstoppable rise of solar panels is down to the following main factors:

  • The energy is cheap
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • Solar panels add value to your house
  • Revenue is created on the government-backed Feed-In Tariff

Are solar panels a worthwhile investment?

With the money that solar panels generate and the money saved from standard gas and electricity bills, these systems pay for themselves. In the UK, it takes nine and a half years for the money you save to cover the cost of installation – so an ideal investment for homeowners who are settling in to a long-term home.

Solar panel for domestic properties

Thanks to huge developments in solar technology, fitting solar panels on to houses has never been cheaper or easier. Even in the not-so-sunny UK, solar panels can generate enough power to comfortably run a family home throughout the year.

The Feed-In Tariff (read more about this below) gives homeowners money back for electricity generated whether you use it or not. This revenue can reduce bills even further.

On an environmental level, a solar panel system on a typical three bedroom home can save nearly two tonnes of carbon every year.

Solar power for commercial properties

More and more organisations in the UK are looking at solar energy to power their operations.

Solar panel installation for businesses can also help with their ISO certification and PR, and allow a company to share best practice and drive uptake.

When it comes to gathering the capital to cover initial costs, businesses are being offered a range of options including grants and interest-free loans. Regular payments from the Feed-In Tariff also help the installation of solar panels to make economic and environmental sense.

About the Feed-In Tariff

The Feed-In Tariff is a government-back scheme that allows individuals and businesses to benefit from a financial return on the energy generated. The Tariff is designed to pay you for every unit produced by your solar panel system. Any excess electricity is sold back to the grid, which guarantees more revenue. These payments are tax-free and index-linked for twenty years.

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